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Hello Buzznet it has been too long! I have missed you all. Just to let you all know I am still alive here is my…
Lewis 'LC' Coulson
Lewis 'LC' Coulson Feb 05, 2013
New year New you BUZZNET!vid

New year New you BUZZNET!

Happy new year BUZZNET! I hope you are all well. Watch my latest video to hear my thoughts on the " New year New you…
Lewis 'LC' Coulson
Lewis 'LC' Coulson Jan 06, 2013
Merry Christmas BUZZNET!vid

Merry Christmas BUZZNET!

Merry Christmas BUZZNET! Thank you for a wicked year and lets have a amazing new year!     LC
Lewis 'LC' Coulson
Lewis 'LC' Coulson Dec 23, 2012
Spreading CHRISTMAS JOY!vid


Hello you beautiful people, Quick video on how we can all help people less fortunate then us this christmas. Come on now people dig deep!      LC
Lewis 'LC' Coulson
Lewis 'LC' Coulson Dec 17, 2012
When LC plays SLENDER!!!!vid

When LC plays SLENDER!!!!

Oh my god, Hope you all enjoy! I did not.....
Question time with LC part 2vid

Question time with LC part 2

Another question and answer video!!
Lewis 'LC' Coulson
Lewis 'LC' Coulson Dec 03, 2012
Question time with LC!vid

Question time with LC!

Myspace Myspace where art thou myspace?! Remember those questionaires everyone used to do in bulletins? Thought I would relive the past and do one....on video!…
Lewis 'LC' Coulson
Lewis 'LC' Coulson Nov 18, 2012
My first YouTube Video!!vid

My first YouTube Video!!

Gargh! My first YouTube entry of many so check it out!  Also because I love you  folk so much I will be uploading exclusive videos just for you!…
Lewis 'LC' Coulson
Lewis 'LC' Coulson Oct 05, 2012
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Hey, my names Lewis Coulson (lc) I am a model/blogger and I have a good life.


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